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There is a purpose behind every decision that you make in life because it depends on the requirements at that time. Keeping this in mind our policies are all “need based.” Insurance, investment and retirement all are needs that are taken care by LIC.

Insurance not only secures your family’s future but it can also secure yours by investing in good continuous income options.

Why Retirement Plans?

The retirement plans are important and are governed by the four C’s:

  • Contributing to Income
  • Consumption of Income
  • Conservation of Income
  • Continuation of Income

Income will not last throughout out lives and thus, LIC believes that investing wisely and early so that it will ensure that there is a steady income available when one does not have a job anymore. If we do not plan wisely for our continuous income then we will have to depend on the other two “Cs” which none of would really want in our lives “Child” and “Charity”.

Children’s Plans:

Children are an important part of life and they make a family complete. As parents our responsibility begins as soon as we hold them in our arms the first time they enter this world. In today’s world expenses are increasing immensely, keeping this in mind there are a number of children’s plans that have been designed in order to create wealth at various stages of their life. Education and Marriage are two important concepts covered in these plans.


There are various kinds of investment options available in the market today. Each one has been created differently, taking into consideration various groups of people and the reasons they want to invest.

  • Guaranteed Returns
  • Moderate Returns with Risk
  • Returns with Risk
  • Complete Risk

While considering your plan we understand your needs and tailor each plan uniquely for you. We don’t believe in selling plans to you ad hoc. We firmly believe that each individual has different needs and the best options can be worked out by understanding his/her near and future customer requirements.

Liability Risk Cover:

“Rich Father, Noble Son, Poor Grandson.” - Brazilian saying

Have you considered what would happen in case of your demise? What would you prefer leaving your family with - assets or liabilities? Uncertainty about the future is something that looms large in the shadows every single moment of our lives. “You” have the power to take control; all you have to do is to opt for a liability risk cover.

Who can opt for this policy?

  • Individuals
  • Proprietorship Firms
  • Partnership Firms
  • Private Limited Companies

Our company offers tailor-made solutions taking into consideration the real life perception of the company and covers risks that affect –

  • The growth plans of the company
  • The contractual servicing capacity of the firm/company
  • The profit earning capacity of the company

With a liability risk cover you not only secure yourself, your family and employee’s future but also your assets. Payments that need to be paid to employees after retirement can also be covered under this policy. Retired personnel will benefit from the money and it will help them lead an independent life in the future too!

LIC Group Insurance Schemes (For Corporates)

Group Gratuity Schemes:

Under the gratuity Act.1972 gratuity is a statutory liability of the employees. The liability accrues in respect of each employee for each year of service that he puts into the company. Under this scheme, employers can fund towards the statutory liability. Doing this will provide better cash flow management and tax benefits too. Insurance cover of future service gratuity of employees is also provided by this scheme.

Group Leave Encashment Scheme:

According to Accounting Standard (AS 15) (Rev.) it is necessary for employers to provide for the liability of this scheme which involves Leave Encashment to all employees in the Annual Books of Accounts. This scheme is designed to fund this liability of employers along with uniform or graded insurance cover.

Group Superannuation Scheme:

This scheme has been created to provide pension to employees/beneficiaries on exit from service as per the rules of the scheme. This scheme available in two models - 1) Defined contribution field and 2) Defined Benefits scheme.


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